Plate Heat Exchanger


KM series heat exchanger is a new type of high-efficiency heat exchanger which is formed by stacking a series of corrugated metal sheets. Thin rectangular channels are formed between various plates, and heat exchange is performed through half plates. Compared with conventional shell and tube heat exchangers, under the same flow resistance and pump power consumption, its heat transfer coefficient is much higher, and there is a trend to replace shell and tube heat exchangers in the applicable range. It is widely used in automotive, brewing, chemical, food, pulp and paper,marine, metal working, petroleum, power, textile, HAVC industries.


1. The heat transfer is more efficient after design
2. Easy to clean and maintain, easy to disassemble
3. Keep the ability and space for further expansion
4. It is smaller than the shell and tube heat exchanger and has better conductivity
5. There is considerable development potential in the future

Plate Material

Plate Material Suitable Fluids
Stainless steel(SUS304、SUS316L) Pure water, river water, cooking oil, mineral oil 
Ti、Ti-Pd Sea water, salt water, salt
20Cr、18Ni、6Mo(254SMO) Dilute sulfuric acid, sparse salt solution, inorganic solution
Ni High temperature, high concentration of caustic soda
Concentrated sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid


Seal material   Tem Range  Suitable Fluids
NBR -15℃ ~130℃ Water, seawater, brine, mineral oil  
HNBR -15℃ ~160℃ High temperature mineral oil, high temperature water  
EPDM -25℃ ~180℃ Hot water, steam, acid, alkali  
Viton/FK -5℃ ~180℃ Acid, alkali, fluid