Intelligent Heat Exchange Units

Plate heat exchanger units have been widely used in industrial heat exchange filed, and its manufacturing technology become more and more mature. Intelligent heat exchange units Integrate with heat exchanger, circulating pump, water pump, meter, sensor, electric control and pipe valve. Our solution has many advantages by scientific calculation and optimization design ,such as excellent hardware, justified structural configuration, advanced control system, easy operation management and highly cost-saving, we can give you Integrated heat exchange solution to meet different demand of the customers, Our team will also provide you design solution and technical support to reach users’ requirements, the equipment can operate safe and efficiently from design to installation.

Main Features of Heat Exchanger Unit: 

Intelligent control, complete control functions, high control accuracy, stable and reliable operation.
The unit can adjust heat source and hot water supply according to the ambient temperature, temperature of primary and secondary pipe network, pressure and other parameters, thus having significant conversation effect of heat energy and electric energy in system operation.
The system component is of high reliability. JIEMA high-effect plate heat exchanger is adopted in the unit. All intelligent elements are imported ones, featuring stable and reliable operation as well as long service life.
Automatic control of system pressure, temperature or flux; high intelligentization and automation degree; easy operation
It allows for remote monitoring and shifting between manual control and automatic control.
The unit is featured by reasonable layout which allows for not only compact structure but also convenient inspection and repair.
It is also characterized by small floor area occupied, conversation of infrastructure investment as well as convenient installation and maintenance, thus being applicable to various heat supply occasions and meeting various heat supply requirements.