Industrial water chiller series


Industrial Water Chiller is a peculiar designed cooling machine that configures the chilling effect for industrial processing machines by transferring heat from processing equipment to outside air by using chilled water circulation.


By keeping in view the different requirements claimed by the customers, YL Group is manufacturing a full stock of Industrial Water Chiller with simple designs, preventing the customers from facing any difficulties and profoundly supplying to the whole world marketplace.


Industrial Water Chiller is designed with different branded spare parts as scroll/screw compressor, hot gas bypass, multiple protecting alarms, heat exchanger, secondary loops, screen display, reliable condenser, cooling tower, refrigerant tank, PID temperature controller, and power supply.

YL Group engineered Industrial Water Chiller has a large number of marvelous benefits for different industrial machines as given below:

Industrial Water Chiller ensures durable operation even dealing with continuous heat processing equipment configured by a steel frame, covers, and removable steel panel preventing the whole unit from damaging.

YL Groupdesigned Industrial Water Chiller is capable of regulating minus temperature for a processing machine by releasing a high amount of heat from equipment featured by the use of secondary coolant loops as an extra heat exchanger.

Industrial Water Chiller is configured with job evaporator that increases the unit versatility by its different featuring according to application requirement as the high-efficiency evaporator, low flow evaporator, and space-saving evaporator for heating discharge.

YL Group brand Industrial Water Chiller is an energy conservative and steadfast unit in its working featured by hot gas bypass that prevents the compressor from energy consumption by continuous on/off due to coolant level fluctuations by regulating it at normal set point.

Industrial Water Chiller is widely used for different industrial applications requiring continuous heat discharge from the system as:

Laser machines, plastic industry, semi-conductors, die-cutting, medical industry, hospitals, food, and beverage industry, chemical synthesis, rubber industry, pharmaceutical industry, metalwork, nuclear sciences biotechnology, etc.