Industrial oil cooling series


Industrial oil cooling is a liquid cooler whose main purpose is to cool the oil. It is used in various equipment and devices that need to reduce and maintain the temperature of lubricating oil or hydraulic oil, such as precision grinders, CNC machine tools, machining centers, hydrostatic bearings, etc. . It is also used in industrial production such as plastics, electronics manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, electroplating, pharmaceutical chemicals, ultrasonic cooling, printing, etc. It can accurately control the temperature required by modern industrial mechanized production, thereby greatly improving production efficiency and product quality.

YL Group designed industrial oil cooling series with performance characteristics:

It is easy to operate, reasonable in design, excellent in quality, and has hundreds of specifications. It is an indispensable companion for modern industrial production. The air-cooled type does not need to be equipped with a water tower and is more convenient to use.

This cooler is composed of three parts: refrigeration system, oil circulation system and automatic control system. The refrigeration system adopts an imported fully enclosed refrigeration compressor, and the oil circulation system is composed of an oil pump, a pressure controller, and an oil pipeline. The automatic control system adopts an intelligent temperature controller and an electric automatic control system. The whole machine has the advantages of convenient operation and safe and reliable operation. The performance of this product has reached the level of similar foreign products, and it is an ideal liquid cooler.

YL Group designed industrial oil cooling series with product Features:

The cooler adopts the body synchronization temperature control panel to keep the oil temperature synchronized with the room temperature, and the oil temperature can be controlled to an accuracy of ±0.1℃ to prevent thermal expansion and contraction of the mechanical structure;

1. Fault alarm, self-check, signal output, can be linked with the host;

2. Prevent the oil temperature from being too high, causing evaporation, oil deterioration, and viscosity reduction;

3. Stabilize the oil pressure, prevent oil shock, and keep the viscosity of the lubricating oil constant to stabilize the spindle movement.

4. Prevent thermal deformation of the machine tool.

5. Prevent the deviation of the spindle center of the machine tool.

6. Prevent oil oxidation and evaporation.

7. Stabilize oil pressure and prevent oil shock.

8. Improve the machining accuracy of machine tools.

9. Extend equipment and tool life.