Detachable plate heat exchanger

Detachable plate heat exchanger, also known as detachable plate heat exchanger, is a compact structure, heat exchange and efficient heat exchanger.Initially mainly used in the processing and processing of milk,Because of its small size, easy disassembly, clean and other characteristics, it will soon be widely used in food processing, beverage, beer processing, pharmaceutical processing.Up to now, the removable plate heat exchanger is widely used in ships, chemical industry, energy,Metallurgy, waste heat recovery, district heating and other industries, in these processes act as heaters, cooler, and even as evaporators and condensers in refrigeration systems.Detachable plate heat exchanger for some special processesFluid has great advantages, such as the condensation of the multi-component medium steam, and the heat exchange of the medium with different boiling points.

Features of removable plate heat exchanger:

1. High heat transfer efficiency. In the full reverse current, the end temperature difference between water and water during the heat exchange can reach 1°C, which is more favorable to the waste heat recovery process.
2. The area is small, the compact structure of plate heat exchanger, small area, installation does not need to reserve a lot of maintenance space, but also can increase the heat change.
3. Low cost and light weight can increase or decrease the heat exchange area. With the same heat exchange, the heat exchange area is smaller than the tube heat exchanger to reduce the user cost, and can increase or decrease the heat exchange area according to the working conditions.
4. Less heat loss, easy to heat energy recovery, due to the high heat transfer coefficient, heat transfer temperature difference can be selected very low, so it is very suitable for low energy recovery.Generally speaking, the recovery rate can be up to about 90%. 5. Convenient maintenance, simple and easy cleaning, as long as the threads on both sides can be released, saving maintenance costs and time.

Detachable plate heat exchanger plate material:

Detachable plate heat exchanger gaskets:

Detachable plate heat exchanger gasket installation methods: adhesive, embedded and hook.

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