Structural principle of the plate cooler


Plate cooler is a new type of high-efficiency heat exchanger made of a series of metal sheets with a certain corrugated shape.Thin rectangular channels are formed between the various plates to exchange heat through half-sheets.It compares to the conventional tube-shell heat exchanger, under the same flow resistance and pump power consumption,Its heat transfer coefficient is much higher, and there is a trend to replace the tube and shell heat exchanger within the applicable range.The type of plate heat exchanger mainly includes frame type (removable type) and brazing type, and the plate form is mainly zigzag corrugated plate, horizontal straight corrugated plate and tumor-shaped plate.

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Structure principle: the efficient plate heat exchanger is mainly composed of frame and plate and the thin board made of various materials with a variety of different forms of grinding tools into different shapes of ripples, and there are angular holes in the four corners of the plate, for the flow of the medium.The periphery of the plate and the corner holes are sealed with rubber gaskets.The frame consists of fixed pressing plate, movable pressing plate, upper and lower guide rod and clamp bolts.The ripple of the heat transfer plate is a herringbone, the adjacent plate has a reverse herringbone groove, the intersection of the groove support each other to form a contact point, the medium flow, so as to obtain high heat transfer efficiency.

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